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My name is Beatriz Valverde Garzon, I am an Advanced Certified Coach (ACC), an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and a PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) certified coach.

Together with a small team of certified coaches by the International Coaching Federation based in the UK, US and Spain, we specialise in PTSD techniques and Emotional Intelligence practices that change people’s lives forever.

Our mission is to make you happy and to do this, we deliver powerful PTSD coaching interventions, emotional balance assessments and personalised coaching programmes to help you heal your life, online and in person, to individuals and small groups.

We also hold Happiness Balance Retreats in the beautiful Costa del Sol in Spain.

Connect with us for a chat and a personalised plan to help you heal your life.

Clients’ testimonials

‘The personal life lessons that Beatriz and I covered together will remain part of my consciousness from now onwards.’

‘Beatriz has helped me to shed layers of limiting beliefs about my capabilities, value and worth.’

‘Beatriz’s focus was with me the whole time, never did she waver and because of her focused intention her energy directly held a beautiful space for me to be unashamedly vulnerable and heal the pain I carried with me almost from birth. Pain around my mother and her impact on my Life’.

‘I was blessed to have experienced the lessons that I did’.

‘Beatriz’s caring and nurturing questioning was so effective that I not only stayed on for the full hour, without any convincing, but I was the most open I had been with her to that date.’

‘I had several huge shifts in perspective and many ah ha ‘lightbulb’ moments, all of them unexpected but highly welcomed.  Deep issues that had plagued me for most of my Life were uncovered’.